About Kris Bell

Kris Bell, Artisan

Kris Bell is the owner/operator of KB Blades. He is an artisan who creates beautiful pieces of functional artwork from raw pieces of material. As a knife enthusiast himself, he knows how hard it can be to find a blade that fits your needs and style without sacrificing quality. As a craftsman, he strives to create custom knives that are not only beautiful but functional as well. he likes to create blades that cannot be found anywhere else–his own designs.

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Kris Bell, Bladesmith

His favorite knives to make are custom orders; taking the ideas that a client would like to have in a knife-their wants and needs, and turning those ideas into reality. He guarantees his work to be exactly what a client wants in a knife.

Details of each blade may differ but there are some things that are always consistent; attention to detail, unsurpassed quality and a razors edge.

Kris is self trained, taking every moment to learn more about the various aspects of his craft. When he started this journey, he began by building the necessary equipment. He designed and built his forge, then designed and built his 2″x72″ grinder. He adds necessary equipment along the way as he goes, always keeping his shop fitted with the appropriate tools to create his designs.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Kris Bell.